CAASPR’S Centralization and Capacity-Building Project

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In October 2016, CAASPR was awarded funding from Employment and Social Development Canada to undertake a series of initiatives under the umbrella of the “Centralization and Capacity-Building Project for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists”.

The overriding purpose of this omnibus project is to centralize functions related to the assessment of applicants in an effort to better standardize outcomes. This also involves developing and refining certain tools to support the assessment process as well as establishing a high-stakes entry-to-practice assessment.  The outcome sought is a consistent approach to the licensing of applicants so as to enhance public protection.

Many of the initiatives of The Centralization Project have been completed.  Find more information about these initiatives by clicking on the headings below.

National Competency Profiles

For the first time the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology in Canada have national competency profiles that define the knowledge, skills and behaviors required for audiologists and speech-language pathologists entering practice in Canada.

National Language-Proficiency Standard

In 2018, CAASPR created a harmonized regulation on language proficiency for English and French, the official languages of Canada.  This national standard is one of the application requirements of regulated jurisdictions.

The Canadian Entry-To-Practice Exam Blueprints

The Blueprints for the two CETP Exams are based on the National Competency Profiles for Audiology and for Speech-Language Pathology.  The Blueprints provide information about the format and cognitive level of exam questions as well as information about the structure, content and length of the CETP Exam.

Speech Language Pathology CETP Blueprint – English
Audiology CETP Blueprint – English
Speech Language Pathology-CETP-Blueprint-French 
Audiology CETP Blueprint – French

Canadian Entry-To-Practice Examination (CETP)

Most healthcare professions in Canada require all applicants to complete a national examination as one requirement of licensing.  CAASPR is currently developing a competency-based examination that will further harmonize Canadian professional regulatory practices.