NOVEMBER 21, 2020 - Rescheduled CETP Examination


NEW DATE - November 21, 2020

Following extensive stakeholder and expert consultations CAASPR is pleased to confirm November 21, 2020 as the revised date for the previously postponed October 3rd, 2020 Canadian Entry to Practice (CETP) examinations.

The November 21, 2020 examinations will be offered exclusively at pre-approved and designated Canadian sites ONLY.  Physical distancing and personal protective measures will apply and meet the local public health authority guidelines.

Examination eligibility is determined by CAASPR and candidates are encouraged to regularly visit this site for regular updates and information.

Candidates who have been ‘Approved’ or ‘Conditionally Approved’ to sit the November 2020 examination will receive further email instructions and information regarding the examination enrollment.  

CAASPR will update and release further information as it becomes available. As we prepare for the CETP examination please find additional information below.


Which provinces currently require successful completion of the CETP examination for purposes of professional registration/licensure?

The CETP examination is a registration/licensure requirement in the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  However, applicants from non-regulated provinces or territories and those who wish to voluntarily undertake the examination may request examination eligibility through CAASPR.


Where and how may I obtain additional CETP examination information?

Examination candidates should familiarize themselves with the examination policies and procedures contained in the CETP Examination Handbook located on the CAASPR website.