The Canadian Alliance of Audiology and Speech – Language Pathology Regulators (CAASPR) is working to develop a national competency – based entry – to – practice assessment process to harmonize the registration requirements across regulated jurisdictions in Canada.  This will be accomplished through a series of initiatives within the Centralization and Capacity – Building Project for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists.

The Centralization and Capacity – Building Project includes:

  • Review of professional competency profiles and performance indicators for both professions
  • Developing a competency-based national entry-to-practice examination
  • Creating an Online Portal for applicants
  • Developing a pre-arrival resource for internationally educated applicants
  • Establishing language proficiency tests and benchmarks nationally
  • Developing a mentorship model

Status updates on the Centralization and Capacity – Building Project are published quarterly:

APRIL 2017